How It Works


Case Preparation

  1. Round 1: Each team prepares and presents a recorded submission of case one’s solution. In addition to the recorded submission, the team must submit the presentation (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint) which must be included in the video presentation. Business attire is required.
  2. Round 2: All teams must produce a presentation (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint) and an one-page executive summary (i.e. Microsoft Word), which must be submitted at least an hour before each team’s presentation time.
  3. Teams are required to identify themselves with their team member’s names and team name.  Under no circumstances should the team's name be associated with their university's name, for anonymity sake.
  4. Each team is allowed to use an unlimited number of textbooks, reference material items and computers. Reference material items are defined as any form of notes, compendiums/readers, collections of articles and the like. Outside materials that are referenced should be cited in the presentation.
  5. The teams are not allowed to discuss the case or their presentation with anyone outside the team during the competition. The team does NOT include the faculty adviser, faculty host, or the team host.



  1. All 4 students on a team must participate during their presentation in fairly equal amounts of time.
  2. Presentations must be made in English using Microsoft PowerPoint or equivalent. The teams may use notes and/or cue cards during the presentations.
  3. Additional exhibits may be prepared at the team’s discretion in anticipation of the question period
  4. It is highly recommended to practice the presentation for at least one hour before presenting to the judges. This hour will be allotted in each team’s 48 hours of preparation.
  5. Each team will compete against the 3 other teams in their assigned pool in the second round. OU’s Case Competition may choose to either assign the teams randomly to 3 pools or use seeding.
  6. The selected 12 teams from the first round will present their case solution in the second round. From this round, three winning teams will qualify for a final round of presentations, in which one team is elected the winner of the competition.
  7. In the second and final rounds, each presentation will consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. The presenting team will be notified when five minutes and one minute remains of their presentation time. There is no minimum time for the presentation.
  8. The three finalists will present the same presentations as used in the second round. The teams will be allowed approximately 12 hours of additional preparation time before presenting in the final round.
  9. The presentation in the second rounds will not count in the evaluation of the presentation in the final round.  Judges who saw the second round may or may not  participate in final judging round.
  10. The teams are not allowed to watch any of the other teams' presentations in the second round. Furthermore, the finalists are not allowed to watch any of the other finalists' presentations preceding their own.
  11. Faculty advisers are not allowed to communicate with his/her team until after the final round (should the group qualify).
  12. After the final round of deliberation, each team will receive a written evaluation from the judges.  The panel’s decision is final.
  13. Judges are members of the business community selected by the Organizers and the Board. Panels are constituted at the discretion of the Organizers and will include at least three Judges
  14. All materials produced during the OU International Case Competition are the rightful property of the OU International Case Competition.
  15. Any violation of the rules will result in immediate termination and disqualification of the team. Any decision of termination and disqualification is final.


  1. The OUICC is a virtual case competition, and as such, no travel to OU is needed.
  2. The rules at OUICC are meant to create as a level-playing field as possible, not to give any team an unfair advantage, and to normalize the resources, tools and time that are available to them.
  3. The teams are allowed to use all Internet resources available in order to research and prepare their case solution.
  4. The OU International Case Competition Officials will assist the teams with virtual communication related issues. In the event of technical issues, timing will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  It is extremely important for teams to comply with the technical requirements.
  5. In the event of total technical failure, teams will be disqualified.  No replacement team will be allowed to compete or place.
  6. Oakland University is not responsible for providing the teams with materials required for case competition and presentation.

The Case

The cases used in the competition will, to the best of the Organizers’ knowledge, be unpublished and untested. Some of the cases will be selected from submissions made to an annual international case writing competition arranged by the Organizers

Release of the Case

The first case will be released for online download via the OUICC website on the account created by the team on February 25th, 2013.
The second case will be released for online download via the OUICC website on the account created by the team 48 hours prior to the team’s presentation.

Research and Outside Experts

Once the case is posted, coaching by faculty members or school staff or contact with outside experts is expressly prohibited. Teams are expected to conduct any and all necessary research through publicly available resources. Use of all library resources is welcomed. Students MAY NOT gain assistance in any form from any other person, including, but not limited to, faculty sponsors, professors, parents, friends, or personal contacts of any kind whose ideas are not publicly available (i.e. published online).

Day of Competition

Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations

  • All presentations must be saved in OpenDocument form (example: Microsoft PowerPoint).  For more information, please see details on submission formats
  • Sound effects are NOT allowed in the presentation.
  • Graphics ARE allowed in the presentation.
  • To achieve the best presentation quality, color should be set to 16 bits (high color) and the screen should be set to 800 x 600 pixels.
  • In the event of technical difficulties during presentation, timing and judging will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with the possibility of elimination.

Guidelines for Team Presentations

  • Presenters must be dressed in business attire.
  • All team members must speak in English during the presentation and participate in the Q&A portion.
  • The time limit for the presentation is 20 minutes followed by up to 15 minutes of Q&A by the judges. Time limits are strictly enforced.
  • Teams proceeding to the final round will be able to make any changes to their presentation.


The scoring structure is:

  • Case Analysis: 30 points
  • Case Recommendations: 30 points
  • Answers to Questions: 20 points
  • Delivery and Communication: 20 points
  • The maximum total score is 100 points


In case there is a tie to enter the final round, the team with the highest score in the Case Analysis and Case Recommendation sections will move to the final round. If there is still a tie, a coin will be flipped and called by the scoring official.
Once all teams have presented in the finals, judges will be asked to rank each team (1-3). If there is a tie in the final round, the team with the highest rankings will win the tie. If there is still a tie, seven judges will be selected at random from all the judges. The team that has garnered the highest scores from these randomly selected judges will win the tie. The names of all the final round judges will be placed in a box, and the scoring official will pull the names of seven judges out of the box.


  • Each member of the winning team receives an  Apple® ‑ Ipad® (international shipping and handling is team's responsibility) and award plaque
  • Each member of the 2nd place team receives award plaque
  • Each member of the 3rd place team receives award plaque
  • All round-1 registered teams receive participation certificate